A Little something about me….

I am born in 1972 and married to Joseane (a Brasileira) in 2001. Together we have the fortune to guide our three kids to full wisdom. A big responsibility in this fast changing world. My wife works 4 days a week at a governemental institution, I am mainly self employed. Try to do so in also 4 days a week.

Together we manage Saudades Brasileiras, a store for foods and drinks from Brasil. We started this shop in 2010 as an answer to our own questions for Brasilian products which are hard to get in the Netherlands. Now it is one of the biggest webshops for Brasilian products in The Netherlands.

In my spare time I play volleyball. As a setter I divide the balls to our attackers. I try to make the best choices for the team and set the right ball for the right attacker to gain a maximum score. This position refers a lot to the positions I aspire in my daily work. Making the right choices, for the right people and delivering the right sources to the teammembers to make them able to perform on their best and beyond.

From my background in sports I have some strong believes:

  • I believe companies are managed in simular ways to sports clubs
  • I believe managing teams works simular in both areas
  • I believe that the sum of individuals is stronger when working as a team
  • I believe managing results will result in failure, while managing people, succes is garanteed
  • I believe positive feedback makes people grow, where negative feedback holds people back to excell

With these blogs I want to share with my readers the way I feel the world. It is not how I see it, but how I feel it….  Seeing and feeling is often the same, but as often can it be different. The next picture will seem cold to many of you. The snowy landscape of Reine – Norway tells us it is deep winter. Even as we see it is cold, I feel warmth and friendlyness in the picture though.

Reine - Norway

I will write my blogs about personal things as well as professional items. In any case I hope you will enjoy reading them and in that case comment me about them. If you don’t like (or don’t agree) on what I write, I challenge you to give your comments as well. I am very interested in all of them and will read all of them too.

In this case I believe that any shared opinion makes a difference!!

Thanks for visiting!!


The Problem Management trap

Recently I have been asked many times about my view on Incident- and Problemmanagement processes. Many claim these processes are a like, and should be treated in the same way andor by the same person. In the past years I also noticed that Problem Management is many times forgotten or is joined with Incident Management. Even if there was a Problem Manager, his authority was less strong than the Incident Manager. His influence and possibilities are restrained, compared to his partner from Incident Mangament. I never studied or questioned the situation, I accepted it, as it was.

Recently my thoughts are shifting….

challenges-and-risks-of-incident-management-2At first and in highover view the two processen seem alike. Both processes solve an open issue to improve/restore the service. Both processes are done by the same experts. The only obvious difference is the timely manner of them. Both are prioritized, but only the Incidents have strict deadlines on them. EG. An High-prio call has to be solved within 2 clockhours. Another difference might be that most problems are solved using (urgent)changes, but this can also be the case for incidents. So this cannot be seen as a major difference. Also it has no (or minor) impact on the process itself.

Looking deeper into both processes we notice a difference that does impact a lot on the process. Well actually not really the process but influences the way we deal with it. Incident Management is driven by the need to restore the service, where Problem Management is driven to restore the system. Allthough it does not look like a big difference, it sure is one major difference that decides the succes of Problem Management. Where Incident Management is only focussing on restoring, it does not need to comply with the best solution for the longer term. PRoblem Management on the other hand, needs to focus on the best solution for the future, and should not be distracted by restoring the service.

When a Problem Manager picks up a solved Incident with the same people who solved that incident he should be aware that these technicians could be blinded by the solution already provided. This may cause a problem solution that will look correct, but might not be the best solution for the longer term. The Problem Manager should avoid a narrow solutiontrack when picking up a problem. He has to force the team to look beyond and beside the already given (temperarily) solution to reach the best results.

Freedom comes with responsibilities….

Freedom comes with responsibilities….

Lately I am more and more astonished when I read and hear the news.

This weekend on the walls of our Palace in Amsterdam someone wrote “Fuck de Koning”. I guess there is no need in translating these words into English…. Well maybe I need to add that “de Koning” means “the King”. This was presumably to support a fellow Dutchman who shouted these words “Fuck de Koning, Fuck de Koningin, Fuck het Koningshuis” last year when he was demonstrating for a “Zwarte Piet-Discussion” arrested doing so. His lawyer announced his client would be fuckdekoningcharged for offending the King. In stead of a community speaking out there disgust on someone ruining the outer walls of the Palace a discussion started wether it is allowed to say something like this… People say that article 111 “Insulting the King” is outdated and is not according to the “Freedom of Speech” from our Constitution.

Last week there was an attack at a exposition of Mohammed-cartoons near Dallas-Texas in America, IS claimed the attack. The meeting was attended by Geert Wilders. A Dutch politician who made it his lifework to ‘fight’ the Islam with all he can. He will not leave any possibility unused to spread his word on Anti-Islam. Walking a thin line and claiming his “Freedom of speech” to do so. Even stronger, claiming the Islam is the enemy of our Freedom (of Speech). Among some of his statements are:

charlie-hebdo-alles-is-vergeven_0 (1)Early 2015 the Hebdo-shooting accured. An heartless attack on people working at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Let me state I do not agree on the shooting and killing of more then 10 people in the name of Allah. Shooting people is not an answer to any aggression in general. Right after the shooting people started shouting “Je suis Charlie”, to show there support to the victims and the satiric newspaper Charlie Hebdo. My answer was “Je ne suis pas Charlie”. I am, and I state that again, against the shooting, but I am also against the freedom of speech they (Charlie Hebdo and many others) claim to use…

I believe in Freedom, I strive for Freedom every day. I think Freedom is an ultimate way of living. I believe freedom will bring out the best in everybody. Freedom in your every day lives results in the best choices for you and your family. Freedom in your works results in the best results in your job.

Freedom will result in happiness BUT this all will only happen unless…………… it comes with responsibilities!!!

Freedom does NOT give people the right to offend others. It does NOT give people the right to hurt the other person in any way. Insulting people, groups or (certain) believes are NOT messages of FREEDOM they are messages of SUPPRESSION. Because….

  • When we offend other people in any way, we suppress them to our own thoughts, to our own believes….
  • When we insult someones believe by drawing horrific cartoons on their leader, we suppress them to our own believes….

Freedom comes with responsibilities, use them wisely!!!

Let me close with a saying from Abraham Lincoln:

Wall Quotes - Abraham Lincoln - Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves